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As we will most likely never get a new edition of 7th Sea this blog is my playground for toying with the system and in the end create a "new edition" of the game.

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Swordsman knacks

SystemPosted by Lord_Nabu Sun, September 02, 2012 11:21:50
I need to get the Swordsman knacks done, so here goes nothing, I'm working from the list in Swordsman's Guild:

You can attempt to parry a Beat by spending an additional RP and taking as many raises to your roll as the Brawn of the attacker.

you can Bind any weapon, not just fencing weapons.

if you have bound a weapon, you can attempt to disarm him (if you have Disarm)on your action by spending an extra RP.

grants an RP rather than a Drama Die.

you can actively parry on the same round you Lunge by spending an additional RP.

Pommel Strike
you can negate the effect of Pommel Strike against a single attack by spending an RP before the attack is rolled (and before raises are called). I.e. against that attack your TN to be hit will be the standard value. However if you do this, your TN will be reduced for an additional phase. TN always resets on your next action.
When using Pommel Strike you can also choose to not reduce the opponents TN, but instead increasing his next AD by one plus one per raise made on the attack. if the AD goes higher than 10 it is lost (Will this allow a stunlock? if so it will have to be changed.)

Now runs on RP instead of DD, no other changes.

I think that was it.