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As we will most likely never get a new edition of 7th Sea this blog is my playground for toying with the system and in the end create a "new edition" of the game.

7th Sea is obviously a trademark of Alderac entertainment.


SystemPosted by Lord_Nabu Tue, August 07, 2012 10:52:04
Knacks aren't really good enough, in general traits are far better, this is good, but I have two rules that modify this a bit.

High Knacks

a knacks of 3 or 4 allows the char to make one raise after the roll is made. Ie. if the char has made a good roll, he can take a raise afterwards.

A knack of 5 or 6 allow two raises to be made after the roll

Instead of any decent NPC doctor being an utter genius, the NPC-only advantage Specialist allows the NPC to have one speciality skill, any roll with knacks in that skill are made (Trait+knack)K(knack).