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As we will most likely never get a new edition of 7th Sea this blog is my playground for toying with the system and in the end create a "new edition" of the game.

7th Sea is obviously a trademark of Alderac entertainment.


SystemPosted by Lord_Nabu Sun, February 03, 2013 13:57:31
At the beginning of the turn, the player character with the first action is allowed to take a repartee action.

The character performing the repartee can then choose between Confound (wits), Intimidate (Resolve) and Taunt (Panache).

The character then rolls the relevant attribute against the opponents attribute*5 With either effect you can choose between trying to de-moralize or inspire. This is chosen before the roll.

On a successful de-moralize roll you remove one RP from the enemy. If you try to inspire, each of your allies get one RP.

are able to counter repartee actions by making the roll into an opposed roll, however he is allowed to choose which of the three abilities he can roll against the characters attribute (still the one the player selected). If the villain wins the roll, the reverse effect of the one intended by the player occurs. On a draw nothing happens.